Iridium GO App - for Voice Calls / SMS text messaging

To make an Iridium GO! voice call or send an SMS message, you will need to have an iPhone/iPad or Android device and install the Iridium GO! App. The voice call is made with the Iridium GO! device, your phone is simply the handset. Your Iridium GO! unit has an Iridium phone number. You can send an SMS text message from the Iridium GO! App to your land-based mobile phone number to find your Iridium phone number.

Iridium Mail & Web App - Email Access

You will also need to use the Iridium Mail & Web Application on your iPhone/iPad or Android device to gain access to your emails on your Iridium GO!. This is not available to download on a Windows computer or Mac computer.

Offshore App - PredictWind Weather Data

To get PredictWind weather data via satellite or SSB (HF Radio) you will need to install the PredictWind Offshore App on a PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone or Android device.The Offshore App icon has the globe image with the waypoints on it.

The PredictWind App does not interface with the Iridium GO or any satellite connection. This particular App is only designed for wifi or a cellular connection. The icon has the blue background with the stylised sail.

As a minimum, you will need a PredictWind Standard Package to use the Iridium GO! interface in the Offshore App. You can log on to your existing PredictWind account (use a Laptop/Desktop web browser - Not a tablet) and upgrade, or if a new customer make your purchase on the pricing page.

Summary of Iridium GO! Apps 

App Name - Device - Usage

Iridium GO! App - iOS/Android Iridium -Phone calls / SMS messages

Iridium Mail & Web App - iOS/Android - Email & Web access (text websites only)

XWeb - iOS/Android - Web access (text websites only)

PredictWind Offshore App - Mac/Windows/iOS/Android - GRIB files, Routing, GMDSS,  Satellite data, GPS tracking, Blog Posts

Xgate - If you wish to send & receive emails or have web access (text websites only) on a PC/ Mac computer you need an additional email client, we recommend XGate .

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