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How to Download Weather Data via Email with an SSB Radio / Satellite connection
How to Download Weather Data via Email with an SSB Radio / Satellite connection
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NOTE: This help topic is NOT relevant for Starlink / Iridium GO! exec / Iridium GO! / Optimizer users.

Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen mode, or follow the instructions:

Please view the How to use the Offshore App before you view this tutorial:

  • Open the PredictWind Offshore App

  • Move your green start waypoint and your red destination point to your desired locations.

  • Click on Download from the left menu.

  • Select 'Email' as your download Method.

  • Make your selection of items to download, this is important for controlling your file size, which needs to be kept small (under 50 kb ideally). The estimated file size to receive via email is shown at the bottom right of the download settings box.

  • Click ‘Next'. Make further download selections. Then Next again.

  • You can make your final selection of items to download or “Download All’. The total file size to receive via email is displayed below the table.

  • Click 'Save Request' - you will be prompted to save the file, we recommend saving to the desktop.

  • On Android/iOS you select 'Send Email' after which you will get the option to select your email client

  • Open a new email in your email client and attach the email request.pwr file to your email. Send the attached file to You can leave the subject line blank. Please Note: The email will be sent back to the email address that you send the request from. You do NOT need to change the email address for your PredictWind login.

  • After a few minutes you will receive multiple emails with GRIB files and .PWU files. Save these files to your 'desktop'.

  • Go back to the PredictWind Offshore App.

  • Click File then Open. Please use the 'ctrl' button to select multiple GRIB files, and the .PWU file.

  • The PredictWind Offshore App will then load the files into the App. You can then view the files that you have downloaded by clicking on the different Menus and Views.

NOTE: For SSB radio services there are maximum file sizes that these services allow. Please make sure your requests are below these limits.


Pactor I or II: 10 kbytes

Pactor III : 30 kbytes

Pactor IV : 40 kbytes


120 kbytes

Please note: The ham radio rules generally prohibit commercial use, WinLink is currently blocking PredictWind weather information.

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