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How to Download and View a Spot Forecast
How to Download and View a Spot Forecast
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The Spot Forecast is the perfect tool for getting high resolution forecast data while on a satellite connection. A Spot forecast is ideal for checking the conditions in your remote anchorage, where low resolution gribs will not show the heating and land effects that are apparent in high resolution data.

  • Set your red destination point to the location you want for the Spot forecast.

  • Click Spot forecast from the left menu, then download.

  • In the Download Settings box turn off all other download parameters. (As an alternative you could also get some offshore gribs for a wider situational analysis.)

  • Click next, check the Spot forecast option is selected.

  • Click next.

  • Select your connection type, then Download all.

You can see the Spot forecast is a very small file.

Once downloaded you will have 7 days of tables for your selected spot. The spot forecast uses the highest resolution data available, where available it is 1km resolution and 8km resolution modelling.

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