How to View Satellite Imagery
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Please follow the instructions to receive a Satellite Image:

  • Move your start point (green) and your destination point (red) to your desired locations. Each time you change your route the App automatically selects the relevant Satellite Image.

  • Select the 'Satellite Imagery' from the left menu.

  • You can also manually select additional areas by clicking on the Satellite areas. Darker shading shows that an area has been selected.

  • Click ‘Download’ button from the left menu.

  • Select the 'Satellite Imagery' checkbox.

  • Click ‘Next' & 'Download All"

  • Click on the link (e.g II 0 hrs ago) in the area to view a Satellite Image.

  • A white dialogue box will appear with the Satellite Image.

  • Click red 'X' close (top right corner of the white dialogue box) to return to the map.

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