Wind maps are a great way to view how the weather pattern develops across a region. Resolutions and formats can be selected from the menu below the maps.

  • Click on Wind Maps from the left menu bar.

  • By clicking on the forecast resolution you can view the maps at 50 kilometer, 8 kilometer and 1 kilometer resolution.

  • The higher the resolution, the more accuracy and detail of the forecast.

  • All maps can be zoomed and panned to view the incredible detail in the high resolution forecasts. To zoom in and out use the plus and minus zoom controls on the map, your mouse wheel, or the trackpad in your laptop. Changing the resolution or wind view format will reset the map to the default zoom.

  • You have the choice of 3 different formats to view the wind maps, (show 50km level).

  • Arrows colour coded by wind speed.

  • Wind barbs with wind speed gradients.

  • Or Black arrows with wind speed gradients.

  • At the 50 kilometer resolution level you will see the pressure contours to help identify high and low pressure systems.

  • Use your mouse pointer or click on a point of interest to view detailed wind data for that point.

In addition to the PredictWind PWG and PWE models, you can also view the GFS and ECMWF models. The GFS model is used by many weather websites, as it is free of cost. We provide the GFS model, so you can easily compare it to the PWG and PWE forecasts which are much higher resolution and more accurate.

The 1 kilometer and 8 kilometer Maps are only available on the PredictWind PWG & PWE model, for the high resolution locations around the world. So when you select the GFS and ECMWF models, the 1 kilometer and 8 kilometer resolution are not available. These higher resolutions are only available from the advanced PredictWind models.

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