On the PredictWind website, PredictWind App and Offshore App, we use many acronyms, codes and symbols. This article will help you understand what they all mean.


TWS = True Wind Speed
TWD = True Wind Direction
TWA = True Wind Angle - the angle of the boat to the wind
SOG = Speed over Ground - includes current forecast
COG = Course over Ground to the next waypoint


Please see the article https://help.predictwind.com/en/articles/2884560-what-does-pwg-pwe-gfs-ecmwf-spire-ukmo-hrrr-nam-arome-stand-for for a detailed explanation of each model, how it is produced and what resolution it offers.

  • PWG: The PredictWind proprietary weather model that uses the NCEP global initial conditions

  • PWE: The PredictWind proprietary weather model that uses the ECMWF global initial conditions.

  • GFS: The Global Forecast System from NCEP.

  • ECMWF: The global Forecast model from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

  • SPIRE: A global forecast model from the company SPIRE

  • UKMO: Also known as the “Unified Model” is the global forecast from the UK Meteorological Office

  • HRRR: High-Resolution Rapid Refresh from NOAA

  • NAM: North American Mesoscale Forecast System

  • AROME: A small scale numerical prediction model, operational at Meteo-France

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