The map displays the route for the PWE (red dots), PWG (blue dots) forecasts, GFS (green dots) & ECMWF (yellow dots) forecasts.

A number of features become available on the map once the routing is calculated.

The play button and slider then animates the route and the location of your boat as represented by the white boat on the map.

You can tap on any of the dots along the routes to see a pop up box with detailed data.

To view the results table, click on 'Tables' (top left of the screen next to Map). The tabs for Graph > Wind > Summary > Route > Wave > Current > Export can all be viewed separately.

You can shift the start and finish way points at any time and recalculate the route.

Please note, the forecast will run for a maximum of 14 days. Beyond 14 days, the model forecast is not accurate.

Click here to view How to change Weather Routing Settings.

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