Satellite Portal instructional video

SIM card Activation Process.

  1. Login to the Satellite Portal enter your Satellite Portal email and password.

2. Add your SIM card number (found on the SIM card) and Iridium GO unit IMEI number (found under the battery). Please check you have the number correct.

3. Select your Satellite Airtime Plan, we recommend the Unlimited Plan for best value.

4. Select the PredictWind Advanced Warranty (PAW) option for fast replacement warranty.

5. Add the option of a Local calling number.

6. Onboarding > A quick Start Guide with one of our experts


7. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Airtime contract.

7. Select payment method. You can use an existing card or add a new one.

8. Enter your billing address, ensure all required fields are filled.

9. GPS Tracking

10. Review the payment, then Confirm and Pay.

10. Please check you get the Activation Confirmation, then Proceed to the Dashboard.

11. Dashboard - In the dashboard once your SIM Status has changed from Pending to Active (Please refresh your browser) you will be able to see your Iridium GO Phone Number along with other useful information about your Satellite Airtime.

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