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How to Set Up Iridium GO Wifi Security (optional)
How to Set Up Iridium GO Wifi Security (optional)
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Note: This is completely separate to the Guest and Guest login passwords for the Iridium GO, do not change those passwords.

This is useful if you are in a place where there are other Iridium GO users in close proximity, such as a crowded marina.

To set a WPA-2 Password on your Iridium GO Wifi please follow the instructions below.

1. Connect to the Iridium GO Wifi
2. Open the Iridium GO App
3. Go to Advanced>Wi-Fi settings>Security>WPA2 Encryption
4. Go back to Wifi settings, then Add your chosen password (min 8 characters), then Save. (Don't forget it as it cannot be retrieved)
5. You will be prompted to restart your Iridium GO.
6. Now you will need to reconnect to the Iridium GO Wifi using your chosen password.

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