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Create Friend Group and Add Boats Nearby
Create Friend Group and Add Boats Nearby
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This feature allows you to create a "friend group" by either adding friends with their PredictWind login email address, or searching for boats nearby that have an active PredictWind GPS tracking page. To setup your "friend group" you will need to do this on the PredictWind App or by logging into your account at This feature cannot be setup in the Offshore App.

On the forecast website Go to Tools > GPS Tracking > Tracking Groups

In the PredictWind App go to GPS Tracking on the main menu then tap on the settings wheel.

To start a new friend group, enter the name of the group, then click on the create button

Then add your your friends by entering in their PredictWind user email address.

The other way to add people to your tracking group is to search for boats nearby. Click on the "find people near me" button. A list of other PredictWind users with GPS tracking pages who are within 60NM and last seen in the last 7 days will show up in the search. You can then select which boats to add.

All boats in your friend group will appear on your tracking pages, but most importantly in the Offshore App when on passage.

NOTE: It is important to do the first download in the Offshore App of your GPS tracks on a high speed connection.

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