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How to use Local Knowledge on the web PredictWind
How to use Local Knowledge on the web PredictWind
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Local knowledge lets you know about all the hidden gems in your area. All spots are added by you and the rest of the PredictWind Community.

  • On the main menu click or tap on Local Knowledge.

  • Pan and zoom the map to your area of interest. The icons represent the activity type, tap on the icon, then view details, to see the local knowledge information. Tap X to exit.

  • If you are looking for a particular type of activity or want to see your friend’s or influencer’s posts you can add a filter.

  • Tap on the filter icon.

  • You can filter by category, then activity type, boats and featured contributors.

  • You can also search terms and a particular country.

  • Tap clear all to remove filters

  • Tap close to exit

  • On the main map you can tap on the news icon to see the latest additions to local knowledge. You can view all new spots added, or just “boats I follow”

  • To see the locations of a Featured user go to, filter, then Click on the featured user, here you will see all the spots that the user has added.

  • To follow a boat, search their name and then click on their profile, here you can click on “follow”. You will be able to see any new posts in the News section.

  • To add a location tap on the + icon

  • Choose a category, select location type, drag the map to the location, confirm the location. Add the location details and any images or videos, give the location a rating and other details, tap continue.

Congratulations you have added a location to Local Knowledge and are now a real part of the PredictWind Community.

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