If you are using an Android device and you are getting blank or white screens, this issue is due to an update within Android, it only affects Android devices using Android Systems WebView 92. To see if your device uses Webview 92 please do the following:

  1. Open the PredictWind App

  2. From the Main Menu > Scroll down to Preferences > Click on Settings

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings Page > you will see Webview Package and version.

  4. If your device is using WebView Version 92 please do the following step:

  5. Exit the PredictWind App

  6. Open "Play Store"

  7. Search for "Android System Webview"

  8. Ensure you select that exact app (there are 'dev' and 'beta' versions etc. that most users do not have installed) Ensure you click on "Android System Webview (see image attached)

  9. Choose Uninstall.

  10. Then choose Uninstall updates.

  11. Restart your device

  12. Open the PredictWind App and test again.

Once you confirm the PredictWind App is working, please do the following to disable auto-updates. If you don't do this, your Android device will try to update to WebView 92 again and the problem will come back.

Disable Auto Updates:

  1. Open "Play Store"

  2. Search for "Android System Webview"

  3. Select the 3 dots in the top right corner, you can uncheck "Enable auto-update"

We will send an email to all affected customers once the developers have released a new version of the PredictWind App that is compatible with WebView 92.

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