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How to activate the airtime plan for your YB3i unit
How to activate the airtime plan for your YB3i unit

YB3i airtime plan Activation Process.

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Login to the Satellite Portal using your Satellite Portal email and password.

Select activate new SIM or Device and follow the screen prompts to activate your airtime plan.

During the activation process you are able to provide your boat name, our system will automatically create a tracking page for your boat and send you the details of this page via an email. Once you have reviewed your details please select Confirm and Pay and wait for the Activation Confirmation to appear on your screen. Use the button to Proceed to the Dashboard.

In the dashboard once your airtime plan has changed from Pending to Active (Please refresh your browser) you will be able to see the details of your YB3i unit along with other useful information about your account.

Now that your YB3i airtime has been activated please power on your YB3i unit to start tracking your boat position. Please note it can take 2 hours for your current position to show in your tracking page. The GPS position in your PredictWind tracking page will be updated Every 2hours.

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