The DataHub can be powered with either the supplied AC/DC power supply or directly from the vessel’s house battery bank.

The unit requires 9-60 VDC and is reverse polarity protected.

The centre pin of the power connector is positive. To wire the DataHub directly to the vessel’s house battery, start by cutting the power lead off of the supplied AC/DC adapter. Connect a 3 amp fuse to the positive power lead (The black wire is positive, the wire with a white stripe is negative) and wire to the vessel’s switch panel.

Before powering the DataHub use a voltmeter to ascertain that the centre pin in the connector has a positive voltage. Reversing the polarity on the connector will not damage the DataHub, but it will prevent it from powering on.

You will notice a blue status LED on the top of the unit illuminates when the unit is correctly powered on.

To install and set up the DataHub, please reference The DataHub manual, click here for the PDF file.

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