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Using AIS and boat legend

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  • On the main menu, click on Tools, then AIS Data.

  • The map will display AIS targets around your forecast location.

  • Click on any vessel icon to see the current speed and direction of that vessel, along with the vessel name and type.

  • Click on the Search button to find any vessel; you can use the vessel name or MMSI number. Click the vessel name to be taken to its last reported position.

  • Click on the heart icon to save the vessel as a Favourite.

    To view Favourites, in the AIS Data menu click the heart filter in the top right:

  • Click on the layers icon to change to a satellite map view.

  • On the main menu, you can select Local knowledge, here you can also see the AIS-reported vessel data relative to the great resource of information in Local Knowledge.

  • If heading Offshore, check out the Offshore App AIS data while underway.

AIS Boat legend


General Tanker,

Tanker Product,

Tanker Crude,

Tanker Chemicals

General Cargo




High Speed Craft



Dry Bulk


LNG Carrier,

Gas Carrier

Roll On Roll Off,

Car Carrier




Combination Carrier

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