To set up your tracking page for the DataHub, scan the QR code on the bottom of the DataHub.

Your DataHub serial number is embedded in the QR code, so there is no risk of entering the wrong number; this is our preferred method as it takes you to your PredictWind portal, where you can link the DataHub to your tracking page.

If you are unable to scan the QR code on the bottom of the DataHub unit, you can click on this link and manually enter the mac address details, which are also on the bottom of the DataHub:

You can read more details on page 18 of the manual at

You should see an update on your tracking page (time and date) when it works.

There is the option to send a position update immediately if you choose.

Additional Information

  • Until we receive a position report from the Datahub, a default position off the coast of Africa is shown.

  • You can insert this tracking page link into your website or blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family.

  • The tracking link page defaults to a wind overlay display. This can be changed by clicking on the layers button at the top left of the page, next to the Map/Satellite switch. To save this setting as your default page, please bookmark the page in your web browser.

  • By default, the tracking data is kept for 9 months and then incrementally deleted. For customers who require the track to be kept for longer, we can extend the deletion schedule to 24 months or never be deleted.

  • You must also have an active PredictWind Standard or Professional Forecast subscription to utilise the GPS Tracking. To upgrade your PredictWind Forecast account, Click Here and select the appropriate package. You may need to log in to your PredictWind account. After making the purchase, please log out and in from within the PredictWind App on your iOS or Android device OR refresh your web browser on your computer.

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