Gmail on Android PredictMail set up

1. Open the Gmail App on your Android device while connected to regular internet for the initial setup.

2. Select the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the main Gmail Screen

3. Scroll down to Settings and select

4. Select Add Account

5. Select Other

6. Enter your email address for example

7. Select Next > Personal (POP3)

8. Enter your password you chose when you created the email account

9. You will see this screen confirming the details, and you can confirm the password by tapping the visibility icon beside it. Server should automatically be

10. Select next, and it will confirm the settings for incoming and outgoing mail

11. It will show you these options. The email will send immediately, but syncronise every 15 minutes. If you want to manually check for mail, just swipe down a little the inbox screen to sync and refresh it.

12. Next > Here you can name your account

  1. To send an email in your Gmail inbox, select Compose. From the pull down arrow to the right of the From : email address, you can make sure to use your new predictmail account. After successfully sending and receiving an email through a regular internet connection / Wi-Fi, try sending email through the DataHub while connected to its Wi-Fi.

  2. You will need to setup the DataHub first, to do that, follow these instructions: Link The reason to setup the DataHub like this is so it can compress the emails and allow them to be sent through the your mid band sat connection while offshore.

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