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Iridium GO exec Setup Overview

Review the steps below to ensure correct setup and use of the Iridium GO! exec.

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The Iridium GO exec is an essential safety communication device with global coverage. Plan and act ahead; do not wait to install it the week before departure. You should complete setup at least a month before to allow sufficient installation time and familiarise yourself with all the features.

At 40X faster than an Iridium GO! it delivers better speed and functionality worldwide.

Setting up the GO exec and installing the apps on your devices is a lengthy and necessary process involving many steps. New default Security settings on your devices may prevent your phone or tablet from connecting easily with the GO exec.

Please carefully follow all the instructions step-by-step, and check that all your mobile or laptop device settings are correct to ensure you have the best experience using it.

Before you start

Set up at home or a location with high-speed Internet

It is simpler and quicker to set up at home or anywhere you can access high-speed internet. Please have all your devices together so you can download the Apps, set them up, and test them in one go.

Fully charge your Iridium GO! exec device

Before using the device, it must be charged fully using the USB-C wall charger plugged directly into a wall power socket. Plug the USB-C cable into the second USB-C port on the device, as shown below.

Are you Tech savvy? - PredictWind Onboarding Support

If you would rate yourself less than a 7/10, we highly recommend you buy the PredictWind Onboarding and book a time with one of our experienced, PredictWind support team experts to guide you through the setup of all your new devices and Apps. We make it a simpler, quicker, and more pleasant experience for you, and we'll ensure everything is set up 100% correctly.

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Setup Instructions

PredictWind has designed these articles to "fast-track" offshore sailors through the setup process as quickly and simply as possible. Important PredictWind account setup steps are integrated, e.g. SIM card activation. The Iridium-provided Quick Start Guide and Manual are generic and too detailed for most customers; they will not help you set up your GO exec with PredictWind.

Get Started - Move on to Step 1

At home, or with high-speed internet available and with your GO exec fully charged, you are ready to get started with Step 1: Download the Apps.

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