If this is your first time setting up the DataHub please follow this article

If you have previously set up your DataHub and want to connect your Iridium GO! exec to the DataHub follow the instructions below

Turn on your Iridium GO exec and power up the DataHub.

Connect your computer or mobile device to the DataHub Wi-Fi network. It will look like this in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device PW-Hub-XXXX

Open a Web browser tab (such as Chrome Or Safari) and enter - this will open the PW-HUB which is the control centre of the DataHub

Log in using admin as the username and admin as the password.

There are 2 ways to connect the DataHub to the Iridium GO exec

  1. Via Ethernet cable

    Run an Ethernet cable from your Iridium GO exec LAN port to the port labelled WAN on the DataHub. The DataHub should be connected to the internet, it may take a minute or so.. To Check Service> Settings >Internet Status

On the Iridium GO! exec the box may be RED as it is not permanently connected to the internet like land based Wifi or cellular.

2. Via Wifi

Browse to Services > Settings> Wi-Fi.

Under Wi-Fi Overview, you will see a box called Wi-Fi Network to Internet.

Click SCAN to list all the available Wi-Fi access points near you.

Select the Iridium connection and tap JOIN NETWORK.

Enter your Iridium GO exec password in box WPA PARAPHASE

The default password is password.

(To find Iridium GO exec password, click on the screen on the exec, click the settings wheel

> Show Wi-Fi access credientials > Show password )



On the following page, review and click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Back on the Wi-Fi overview page, scroll to the bottom and push SAVE & APPLY to confirm your settings and activate them.

To Check Service>Settings>Internet Status and the interface, wwan box may be RED as it is not permanently connected to the internet like land based Wifi, so won't show green like usual.


Click on Satellite > Iridium GO exec > Settings

Check Enable.

Check Tracking Via Iridium. (To enable tracking to be sent via Iridium GO exec)

Check Predict Mail Via Iridium (To enable PredictMail to be sent via Iridium GO exec)

Check Poll on Tracking (To enable emails to be checked at the same time a tracking position report it send)

Then Click SAVE and APPLY.

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