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Anchor Alert Overview
Anchor Alert Overview
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The Anchor Alert App by PredictWind is the most comprehensive and accurate anchoring App on the market. The Anchor Alert App can interface with the PredictWind DataHub to receive GPS data from your boat's instrumentation system, which is far more accurate than the GPS in your iOS/Android device. This means less false alarms, and data that you can trust. In addition the DataHub can receive all your NMEA 2000 (N2K) instrument data to alert on Wind Speed, Direction and Depth.

In this help section we outline all the features available:

Anchor Map: Where you can set your anchor position and view your boat in the safe range circle.

Dashboard: View you anchor data, and N2K Data from your instruments

Alerts: When all you alerts can be setup

Weather Forecasts: Get free access to PredictWind forecasts - the most accurate forecasts on the planet

Local Knowledge: Get local knowledge from the locals, produced by our community of PredictWind users and fans.

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