Power (fuel optimised) Routing
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PredictWind Weather Routing now supports Powerboat routing optimised for fuel consumption.

The routing mode uses your boat's dimensions and optimal motoring characteristics to find the route that minimised the required energy to get your boat from A to B.

To start using this Mode:

  1. Click on Routing Preferences:

  2. From the "Boat Type" options, select "Power (Fuel Optimised)"

  3. Use the default values provided, or set as appropriate for your vessel.

    Height - The height of your vessel from the waterline to top of wheelhouse.

    Economic boat speed - The boat speed in Knots that your boat has the best fuel efficiency.

    Economic RPM - The rmp that your boat has the best fuel efficiency

    Economic Fuel Efficiecy - Your boat's rate of fuel consumption at its boats speed and RPM used above.

  4. Click back to the Weather Routing view, set your waypoints and start time, then click the Calculate button.

The optimal route will deviate based on the weather and waves in order to minimise the total amount of fuel used over the whole route. In the Summary Tables on the Wind and Summary tabs you'll find a row detailing the amount of Fuel used for each route

This data is also available at each point (cumulative) and is displayed as a graph, and in table form on the 'route' tab. The data is also visible on the route pop-up on the map view

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