DataHub Setup Overview
Essential information before you start setting up your Datahub
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The installation of the datahub is quite a lengthy process involving many steps, where you need to follow all the instructions methodically. The DataHub is not a device you want to install the week before departure and should be completed at least a month before to allow sufficient time for the installation, and to become familiar with all the features.

The good news is that once set up, the datahub works seamlessly and automatically in the background, and you will not need to interact directly with the DataHub.

The first 3 steps outlined in the DataHub help section should be completed at home, with access to a high-speed internet connection, and also your iPhone/Android phone with USB charging cable. In addition, if you have purchased an Iridium GO! exec or an Iridium GO!, please make sure you have done the GO exec setup or the GO setup . Please make sure these steps are completed before doing the boat installation.

Please note the DataHub does not have a fast processor, as it is designed for ultra-low power usage, so you will need to be patient when changing to a different menu or clicking on buttons. Please allow up to 10 seconds for the DataHub to complete each request.

In addition, the DataHub operating system (not designed by PredictWind) is not user-friendly, designed more for router technicians than end customers. For example, to save each setting change, you will need to click on the Save & Apply buttons for the change to be permanent. Don't be intimidated by the range of menus available, as the DataHub has many features. In most cases, you will only need to use a few of these setup menus, so don't worry if you're not sure of all the menus. Please just methodically follow the steps in the help articles.

Are you Tech savvy?

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Setup Instructions

Please methodically follow these steps. It will save you time if you follow the process.

Step 1: Firmware Update - essential first step

Step 2: How to setup GPS tracking - essential safety feature

Step 3: How to setup PredictMail - another essential safety feature when offshore

Step 6: How to connect to your Satellite device

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