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How to make a Phone Call and send an SMS message on the Iridium GO?
How to make a Phone Call and send an SMS message on the Iridium GO?
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How to make a Phone Call and send an SMS message on the Iridium GO?

Connect to the Iridium GO WIFI and Login to the Iridium GO! App

Open the Iridium GO! App, then press the submit button. The username/password for the Iridium GO! App are both guest & guest - all lower case. This username/password does not need to be changed and is NOT related to your PredictWind account or Iridium Mail/Web App email/password. Up to 5 devices can be wirelessly connected to the Iridium GO at one time, but only allowing 1 user to make calls, or access data at one time. To avoid conflict between devices we recommend only having 1 device connected at a time.

Voice Calls from Iridium GO App

To make a call, enter the full dialling sequence: 00 or + [Country Code] [Phone Number] using the country/flag drop-down if required, or select a contact. Press the green key to initiate the call and press the red key to end the call.

How People can Call/SMS your Iridium GO!

  • Dial "+" then Iridium GO! number (e.g +8816-xxxx-xxxx). This is an international call and will be billed to the caller at their long distance rate by their telephone service provider.

  • Free SMS messages (up to 160 characters) can be sent to your Iridium phone number from This is the most popular way to send SMS messages to an Iridium GO.

  • Alternatively, people can text from their mobile phone at the international text rate (e.g +8816-xxxx-xxxx). Please check your mobile provider does allow International text messages to be delivered.

Voice mail

Although voice mail can be used on the Iridium GO! we do not recommend using this service. To retrieve voice mail messages you will be charged the standard Iridium GO! calling rates US$1.09/min. It is better to advise friends/family to send an SMS text message. You can change your voice mail greeting to advise the caller to send a text message. Click on the 'call' icon, then click on the voice mail icon. When you hear the greeting enter * on the keypad. Then enter the last 7 digits of your Iridium GO! phone number as the passcode. Then select option '3' to set up your greeting to tell callers that you will not be checking voice mail, but to send an SMS text message. Friends/family can send you free text messages from


Existing contacts that are stored in your smartphone must be updated to the full
internal dialing sequence in order to connect calls: '+' [Country Code] [Phone

SMS Text Messaging

When messaging, enter the international dialling sequence of the intended recipient: '+' [Country Code] [Phone Number]. SMS messages are limited to 1000 characters.

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