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GRIB files how to export
GRIB files how to export

How to export GRIB files for import into another device

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It is possible to export your GRIB files from the Offshore App into another App or device. To do this, please:

  • Use the Offshore App on a Mac or PC to download your desired GRIB area as usual.

  • Open the Downloads\PredictWind folder on your Mac or PC.

  • Your GRIB files will be stored in subfolders by date of download, as below:

  • Copy them to your USB memory stick or SD card and open them on the other device, or open the other App you wish to use and import them from here.

Please note the SPIRE GRIBs are proprietary and encrypted, so these cannot be opened outside the PredictWind Offshore App.

Change the GRIB file storage location

You can change the GRIB file storage location in the Preferences in Windows 10/11.

By default, the PredictWind Offshore App Windows 10/11 version downloads all the GRIB data into your Downloads/Predictwind folder, so you can open the GRIB files in Expedition or Adrena by going to the Menu Weather -> Settings then clicking on the button Add File and browse to the Downloads/Predictwind folder.

To change the GRIB file storage location:

  • Open the Offshore App

  • Go to File menu -> Settings -> General

At the bottom of this box is where you can select the location for the files to be saved to.

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