How to use Waypoints
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You can drag your Green Waypoint (Start) and Red Waypoint (Finish) for the route you want and add in between waypoints.

When you use the weather routing or departure planning tool, you can add intermediate waypoints to any route. Our routing software has depth avoidance settings, which can be edited in the Routing Preferences. The default is 2m. Still, if you want to add intermediate waypoints when racing or cruising to a particular spot, then you can add extra waypoints.

To add waypoints between the green (start) and red (finish):

  • Click the Waypoint icon at the top right of the screen, and the Waypoint pop-up box will appear.

  • Then click the + plus button as many times as you want waypoints, so if you wish to have two waypoints, click twice.

  • Exit out of the pop-up box, and you will see two white dots on your yellow route line (Great Circle Route)

  • Click and drag each white dot to where you wish to place the waypoint.

  • Click on the waypoint icon again, and click the small grey dot to the left of the waypoint lat and long; you can select if you want to 'Go To' the waypoint (white) or round the waypoint to 'P' port (red) or 'S' starboard (green).

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