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Forecast website error in Chrome
Forecast website error in Chrome

Your browser does not have complete graphics feature support.

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If you cannot view Maps on the PredictWind Forecast website, you may be presented with an error such as the below stating: Your browser does not have complete graphics feature support. If so, please follow this troubleshooting guide to resolve it.

We believe Chrome may cause this error when Google becomes aware of a security bug in a graphics driver. It will immediately drop Chrome WebGL support for that driver, and our page cannot initialise WebGL. Sometimes, the graphics driver needs to be updated. Sometimes, the driver update doesn't exist yet.

Update your Operating System and graphics drivers

If on Mac, use the App Store or your web browser to download the most recent Apple O/S that your device will support. You can check and download it from here:

For Windows PCs, visit your graphics card manufacturer's website and click on the Support page or Driver downloads to download the latest version.

If you don't know your card manufacturer but you do know the GPU chipset, try the generic Nvidia or AMD drivers available here:

Enable Hardware Acceleration

In Chrome, copy and paste this into your browser window address:

That will load the Chrome Settings, where you can enable Hardware acceleration if it is not already switched on. Then please retry the Forecast website.

Try another Browser

If Chrome does not work, please try Safari, Edge, Firefox or Opera. Arc is another quite new browser which is innovative:

Contact Us

If none of these is successful, please get in touch at: Please share the following:

  • Device

  • Operating System & version number

  • Browser & version number

  • A screenshot of the issue

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