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Apps required to make the Iridium GO! work

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You will need the following Apps on your device (iPhone/iPad or Android) to make voice calls, send & receive SMS messages, send & receive email and access the PredictWind weather services with the Iridium GO! system.

These Apps can be found in the App Store or PlayStore, search by name. The PredictMail App is a service, not an App, so cannot be found on the App Store or Playstore as you use your existing pop3 compatible email App.

  • Iridium GO! App - for Voice Calls / SMS text messaging/ SOS

Use the Iridium GO! App on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android) to voice call, send/ receive SMS messages, set up SOS and control the features of the Iridium GO! unit. Your mobile device becomes the handset and connects via Wi-Fi to the Iridium GO! unit.

  • PredictMail - Email Access

PredictMail is an email service from PredictWind that is specifically designed for the Iridium GO! Please learn more to understand why PredictMail is an essential safety feature whilst offshore, and why using regular email will not work accross the Iridium GO due to data speed. To setup PredictMail please read these help articles

  • Offshore App - PredictWind Weather Data

Use the PredictWind Offshore App to get PredictWind weather data (GRIB files, weather routing, departure planning, GPS tracking, satellite imagery, GMDSS, Observations etc) via the Iridium GO!, from other satellite capable devices, SSB (HF Radio) or email request.

The PredictWind Offshore App is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone or Android.

You will need a PredictWind Standard or Professional Package to use the Iridium GO! interface in the Offshore App. You can log on to your existing PredictWind account and upgrade, or if you are a new customer make your purchase on the pricing page.

Summary of Iridium GO! Compatible Apps:

  • Iridium GO! App - iOS/Android Iridium -Phone calls / SMS messages

  • PredictMail - use any pop3 email client - iOS / Android / Mac / Windows

  • PredictWind Offshore App - iOS / Android / Mac / Windows - GRIB files, Routing, GMDSS, Satellite data, GPS tracking, Blog Posts

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