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Overview of the Offshore App
Overview of the Offshore App

Overview of the Offshore App

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The PredictWind Offshore App (Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone & Android) will allow you to download GRIB files, Weather Routes, Departure Planning, GMDSS forecasts & Satellite Imagery. The information downloaded is able to be viewed in an offline mode.

If you already have a PredictWind Forecast Subscription, you do not need to register. You can simply login with your PredictWind username/email and password.

The Free and Basic PredictWind Forecast Subscriptions allow you to get Global GRIB files (50km resolution) over land based WIFI and cellular connections, however you are not able to get these GRIBs over a Satellite/SSB connection. We recommend buying the Standard or Professional PredictWind Forecast Subscription for full use of the Offshore App. You can see a full feature comparison table on our pricing page .

We highly recommend that you look at all the relevant Offshore App help topics, so that you do not miss out on any important features.

The help topics are available without an Internet connection if you select the "help" menu from the Offshore App. All help topics can be printed using the online Help Centre, if you prefer a hard copy.

Integration Options:

The Offshore App has an interface to allow direct downloads with the following Satellite systems:

  • Iridium GO!

  • Iridium GO! exec

  • Starlink (use the WEB tab)

Alternatively, you can send an email request to get weather data. You will need to have a satellite email system. SSB Radio users can also retrieve data via the Pactor Modem and the email request feature.

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