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How to use the Android Offshore App
How to use the Android Offshore App
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The Offshore App is designed to save PredictWind weather information in an offline mode, great for boats heading offshore with a need to download forecast GRIB files on an Iridium GO!, Iridium GO! exec, Starlink, Satellite, SSB/email connection or coastal cruising where a cellular network is intermittent. Once the files are downloaded, they are stored locally on the device for you to review at any time offline.

NOTE: Although the Offshore App can be used on the devices mentioned above when you first start using the Offshore App, it is important you practice on a high-speed connection using the WEB tab (home Wi-Fi, marina Wi-Fi or cellular connection). Always do your first download via the WEB.

The PredictWind Offshore App for Android is downloaded from the Google Play Store.

  • Open the Offshore App.

  • At the top left, you can drop down the menu. At the bottom select ‘Preferences’. Enter your PredictWind user email address and password into the PredictWind account fields (this is the email and password you use for your PredictWind forecast subscription.

  • Tap the back arrow to exit to the main menu.

  • At the left drop down menu select, GRIB , then on the map move your Start and Finish Way-points to your desired location, resize the GRIB area box if you wish, a smaller box will make the overall file size smaller.

  • Then on the top right tap the download arrow, this will open up the Download Preferences page. It is essential for making downloads over a satellite connection to get the options here set correctly so that you have a small overall file size.

  • Download Preferences

  • Choose the Download Method , WEB, Iridium GO!, Iridium GO exec etc

  • Tap Use Offshore Optimized Settings

  • Enable weather routing = ON

  • Standard Weather Routing

  • Go into Weather Routing Settings and select your preferences and then use the back arrow to go to the Download Settings page again.

  • GMDSS = ON

  • Satellite imagery = OFF (make sure you turn off both colour and B&W)

  • AIS = OFF

  • At the bottom of the screen you will see your estimated file size, ideally under 100kB, if it is over 200kB go back and adjust your GRIB area or select fewer parameters, or reduce the days and or models selected. For first time users of the App you will be prompted to add your PredictWind email and password. This is the same username/email address that you use in all PredictWind Apps and the PredictWind website. Once completed tap "continue to download".

  • It is important at this stage to check that you are connected to your chosen Wi-Fi connection in the main Settings on our device. Using an Iridium GO! or Iridium GO! exec, please go to the settings > connections> Wifi > Click on Iridium-XXXXX.

  • Once you have selected your connection type, continue to 'Download ALL'.

  • Once all of the files are downloaded and they have a tick next to them, tap 'close' on the top right. (note the downloads page must be kept open for the entire download).

  • We are then taken to the weather routing tables that have detailed data for our weather route in graphs, wind, summary, route, swell and current. This is also where the Export function is for the weather route.

  • Next tap on Map, here we can see our weather routes and GRIBs together.

  • Tap the Play button to animate the routes and the GRIBs. The boats and GRIBs will move in time. The colour of the route is related to the weather model.

  • To change between models tap on forecast model, and select from the bottom menus.

  • Tap the menu button top left to show the other forecast formats. Tapping the back arrow on top of the menu will show the full screen.

  • Highest resolution available. This requires the Professional subscription.

  • Only areas that have been downloaded are available to view. If the ‘show route’ button is selected, the high resolution areas will be automatically displayed as the boat passes through these areas. If you turn off the “show route” button you can manually select the high resolution areas.

  • Tap the menu button, select GMDSS forecasts, then click on the link in the middle of the GMDSS area. GMDSS forecasts are safety warnings that are created by Meteorologists from the responsible regional Meteorological office. Press the x button top right to close. (e.g. the link will display 'XIV 0 hours ago' in blue, if it is black with only the roman numeral then you have not downloaded the data).

  • To view Satellite images select Satellite Imagery from the menu bar, then click on the link in the middle of the Satellite Image area. You can select between Colour or Black & White images. Press the x button top right to close. (e.g. the link will display 'F 0 hours ago' in blue, if it is black with only the area letter then you have not downloaded the data). (Black & White is a smaller file size)

  • You are now ready to explore the Offshore App for yourself.


  • Always turn off Bluetooth and put your device in Flight mode, turn on Wi-Fi then connect your Android device to the Iridium GO! or Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi

  • On your tablet ensure you have turned off your "Auto Lock" settings so the download is not interrupted. On you Android go to "Settings" > "Display & Brightness" > "Screen timeout" set to 30 minutes.

If auto lock is not turned off, the device may lock after a certain time and this will stop the download process.

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