How to get GRIB files
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By far the best way to get GRIB files is using the Offshore App direct download feature. You can download GRIB files on a land based internet connection, 4/5G, Starlink, Iridium GO exec or an Iridium GO device, or if you have another type of Satellite device with an Optimizer.

If your device is not capable of a direct download you can use the email request feature. This feature requires more steps and is far more time consuming compared to a direct download.

To get data via a Satellite connection with either a direct download or email request you will need a minimum of the PredictWind Standard Package.

SSB/Pactor Modem users can use the email request feature.

We highly recommend users use the Weather Routing feature in the Offshore App for receiving more detailed and accurate forecast data that is a fraction of the file size. A Weather Routing file is only 6KB (a fraction of the GRIB file size) and contains an incredible data set including wind, wave and ocean current forecast data for the route. Ocean currents are only in the Professional package.

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