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How to Download and View Departure Planning
How to Download and View Departure Planning
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Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen Mode, or follow the instructions:

We recommend you view the ‘How to use weather routing’ tutorial, before viewing the departure planning tutorial. The Departure planning tool is used for deciding which day or time to leave the dock, then switch to the Weather routing tool for your passage.

Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen Mode, or follow the instructions:

Select Departure planning from the left menu.

  • Move your green start waypoint and red destination waypoint to your desired locations.

  • Click on the green download button on the left menu.

  • In the download settings box select your preferences, these settings will change if you are on a satellite connection or connected to a high speed internet connection.

  • Click on next, in the second Download settings box ensure you have the departure planning option ticked, then you can select the start time of now or a near future date.

  • Then click on the settings wheel to see further departure planning preferences.

  • In the preferences we can set the following:

  • Motoring settings on or off. The router will assume we are motoring directly toward the destination, when the wind speed is below our motoring setting.

  • Adjust the polar percentage if we expect to be sailing below our previously set up polar speeds.

  • The 4 departure time spacings can be changed incrementally from 24 hour spacings down to 1 hour apart.

  • We can choose which 4 of the 6 models to run the departure plan with.

  • Professional users can also turn on the Ocean tidal currents which will be applied in the calculation of the departure planning results.

  • The Departure Planner will always find the fastest route, this is to give an accurate assessment of the departure times. No comfort settings can be applied to the Departure Planner.

  • Press the X button to exit.

  • Select any other parameters for the download, then press next.

  • Select your connection type then Press Download All.

  • Your route will be calculated using your boat’s Polars and will give you a summary of each departure time or a detailed view of each model at the 4 departure times.

  • Click on Map, the associated gribs from all 4 weather models can also be viewed in sync with each departure time. Press the play button to animate the departures. You will see two boats on the track at each departure time. The first pair of boats leave on Day 1, the second pair on Day 2, and so on. This graphical display is great for looking at an overview of the weather situation, and the effect on the departure times.

  • Once you have chosen your departure date and time, then you can use the weather routing tool to get more detailed information for that departure time.

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