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Departure Planning in the Offshore App - Tablet version
Departure Planning in the Offshore App - Tablet version
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Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen Mode, or follow the instructions:

We recommend you view the ‘How to use weather routing’ tutorial before viewing the departure planning tutorial. The Departure planning tool is used for deciding which day or time to leave the dock, then switch to the Weather routing tool for your passage.

Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen Mode, or follow the instructions:

  • Open the Offshore App

  • Select Departure planning from the menu.

  • Move your green start waypoint and red destination waypoint to your desired locations.

  • Tap on the green download button

  • Select the Routing Mode to be Departure Planning

  • Tap on Departure planning preferences

  • Select Departure spacings

  • Select the forecast models to be used in by the Departure planning tool

  • Select you start time for the first departure time

  • You can adjust your Boat Polar, Wave Polar and Motoring settings, they will be the same as you have used in Weather routing.

  • You can also select which ocean current model you wish to use.

  • Tap to go back to the download settings

  • Enable your other download settings

  • Tap the Blue Continue to Download Button once you are happy with your download settings.

  • Select your connection type

  • Tap Download all, leave the downloads page open until all parameters are downloaded.

  • Tap close once all the downloads are finished and you have blue ticks next to all parameters.

  • You will be taken to the Tables view. Here you can see a summary of each departure time averaged across all 4 models, take time to analyze how each departure time affects your passage.

  • Select the detailed view which shows the breakdown of each model for each departure time allowing you to see the variation between models.

  • Return to the map view

  • Press Play to animate the map, each boat will leave at the designated departure spacings. This gives you an overview of the weather systems influencing the departure times.

  • You can see the routes relative to the different models.

  • Focus your departure time by hiding routes you don't want to see.

  • Once you have selected a possible departure time. You can run a weather route with that start time to further analyse the passage and the conditions you are likely to encounter.

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