To view a forecast on the website you must select a red dot location for your required area. You can choose one of our predefined location, or if there is no red point for your area you can create a custom location to suit. 

  • To set up your location, hover over the locations from the left navigation menu and click "Search".
  • Type in your forecast location name and click “search”. To get the best results enter your City then Country. eg Cowes, England
  • You will then see a map of your surrounding area. Select the closest red dot to your location.
  • If the search location is incorrect you can change your search simply by editing your search term above the map and clicking “search” again.
  • Once you have selected a red dot, enter the location name to save and start viewing forecasts.
  • Once you add a location it can be selected from the left hand locations menu

If there is no red dot close to your forecast location, you can create your own custom location. Just click “Custom Location” above the map. Then in the following map simply drag the red dot right onto your desired location.

Note: If a custom location is close to, or on land, there maybe be significant land effects on the forecasts. For example in an offshore breeze, the forecast may appear to be lower than the observations. So where possible you should select an existing red location dot.

Note: If you are doing a long coastal, or offshore trip the best tool is the weather routing. There is no need to set up multiple forecast locations along your route. The weather routing will show you the optimal route for the trip, and the weather for your exact location along the trip.

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