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How to Upgrade Your PredictWind Forecast Account
How to Upgrade Your PredictWind Forecast Account
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Purchasing a 1-year subscription directly from PredictWind is the best value.

  • To upgrade your PredictWind Forecast account Click Here (you may need to log in to your PredictWind account) select the appropriate package and complete the purchase process.

  • After making the purchase return to the App.

  • Refresh the PredictWind App, or log out and back into the App on your device.

  • The unused portion of your current subscription will be discounted from the purchase price if your prior purchase was made from our website, not the App store/PlayStore.

In-App (App Store/ PlayStore)

  • In the PredictWind App on your iPhone/ iPad or Android device select Billing from the bottom of the Main Menu.

  • Select desired package and follow checkout instructions to upgrade the package.

You can also upgrade your account through our website (see above), which will allow us to provide you with a 3-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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