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How to use Departure Planning Results
How to use Departure Planning Results
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Routing preferences can be set from the settings wheel in the top right corner of the weather routing page.

The table below the map shows the weather information and track information for both forecasts and allows you to quickly compare 4 trips for departing from Day 1 to Day 4.

  • The table below the map summarizes the four trips for departing for Day 1 to Day 4. Each trip is separated by 24 hours from the start date and time.

  • For each day, two forecasts can be selected from. These will either be the PWG forecast model or the PWE forecast model. If both forecasts are similar, you can have a high degree of confidence in the Departure Plan.

  • For a safe trip, it is best to check that the maximum wind speed is not too high for your vessel and minimize the percentage of time going upwind. You should also minimize the time spent in large swells.

  • The comparison table makes it quick and easy to get an objective summary on leaving on the different days.

*Please be aware that the PWG/PWE models forecast out to 10 days so please set your start date and time within a timeframe that allows all four Departure Plans to be completed. Beyond 10 days, the model forecast is not accurate.

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