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PredictWind for Offshore sailors
PredictWind for Offshore sailors
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PredictWind is trusted by thousands of offshore sailors, with a unique offering that can only be found at PredictWind.

Here are 6 reasons that sets PredictWind apart from any other service. 

  1. The Best Forecast Data:  This is the #1 requirement for a forecast service. The PredictWind PWG & PWE models can only be found at PredictWind, and are proven accurate weather models.   In addition, we also provide the GFS forecast, which is used by most other weather websites as it is free of cost. Furthermore,  we distribute the ECMWF forecast data.  Analysis proves the ECMWF model to outperform the GFS model. ECMWF data has a very high acquisition cost, so very few companies offer this data. 

  2. The Best Tools: We have award winning technology such as weather routing and departure planning. These tools are simple and easy to use, with a one click operation to get weather routing results for all 4 weather models. Designed for low bandwidth, the file size for weather routing in less than 1% of the equivalent GRIB files. On a Satellite connection this is a massive saving in time and money for data downloads. Easy analysis with instant comparison of routes, and the 4 weather forecast models. 

  3. Easy to use: The user friendly interface makes getting complex and accurate weather easy and accessible for all sailors. Download the weather directly without the need to do tricky and time consuming email requests. Our Offshore App interfaces with almost any satellite device on the market.  Learn more about how to download our forecasts on the App page

  4. The Best Support:  We have award winning tutorials, and help articles designed by offshore sailors for offshore sailors. Still need help?  Our support team will go the extra mile to get you up and going. 

  5. Satellite Solutions:  We sell and support the Iridium GO which is simply the most economical way to get weather information and communicate offshore.

  6. GPS Tracking: A well proven safety feature for all boats, allowing friends & family to check you are safely on course to your next destination. Use the YB3i device or Iridium GO for automated GPS tracking. 

The most popular package for cruising boats is the standard package at US$249 per year.  This small investment is only 68 cents per day to ensure the safety of your boat and crew.  Upgrade to the Professional subscription (US$499 per year) to have access to 1km High Res GRIB files and Ocean data including SST, Hycom and Mercator data.

To get the Standard Package click here

To get the Professional Package click here

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