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The split screen is available on the PredictWind website https://forecast.predictwind.com/ using a PC or Mac computer. We have this visual set up so that you can compare two forecast models side by side.

Under each map you have the ability to select PWG/PWE/GFS/ECMWF and the resolution of 50 km/ 8 km or 1 km (if available).

If you choose, for example, PWG on one map and PWE on the other, you will see the two different forecasts side by side.

Here is a screen recording to show the functions of the split screen http://share.predictwind.com/2736044afc09

Unfortunately there is no "golden rule" for which model is more accurate. Often there are periods where one model is better, then it swaps around. If both models are similar you can have more confidence in the forecast. If they are very different it just shows the uncertainty in the situation. We also provide the GFS/ECMWF models on the Forecast Maps as another source for comparison. With 2 models it can be difficult to decide on which forecast to select, but with 4 models the decision is a little easier.

To clarify the terminology the PWG stands for the PredictWind weather model that uses the NOAA global initial conditions for the model run and PWE is the PredictWind weather model that uses the ECMWF global initial conditions, both of these sources enable us to run our own worldwide weather models, we are the only private company in the world that has the technology to do this.

Please learn more about these forecasts in the FAQ section at https://help.predictwind.com/en/articles/2884560-what-does-pwg-pwe-gfs-ecmwf-stand-for

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