PWG stands for the PredictWind weather model that uses the NCEP global initial conditions for the model run and PWE is the PredictWind weather model that uses the ECMWF global initial conditions, both of these sources enable us to run our own worldwide weather models, we are the only company in the world that produces these forecasts.

In addition we also provide the GFS (Global Forecast System) from NCEP as this is used by most other weather websites/apps as well as the ECMWF forecast from ECMWF (European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) that is highly regarded by Meteorologists and top Navigators around the world.

Comparing the PWG/PWE forecasts allows you to gauge the confidence level in the forecast, and adding the GFS/ECMWF forecasts takes your confidence to a new level. Generally the unique PredictWind model, and its higher resolution will be more accurate, but with all 4 forecasts you can have greater confidence in your forecast to make the best decision.

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