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How does PredictWind compare to other web-based forecasts?
How does PredictWind compare to other web-based forecasts?
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Many web-based services (including US Grib, Windfinder, WindGuru, MetView, BuoyWeather, and Seabreeze) use the freely available GFS model from the USA Met Service (NOAA). Whilst the GFS is a good weather model and free, it only runs at 50km resolution and does not capture the local topography effects.

At PredictWind, we aim to provide the most accurate forecast data. A single forecast model will never be the most accurate in all situations, so by having access to the world’s top forecast models, you can be assured of getting the best possible forecast to give you greater confidence in your decision-making.

The PredictWind Global models include ECMWF, UKMO, SPIRE, GFS and PredictWind's proprietary PWG and PWE. Analysis proves the ECMWF model outperforms the GFS model. ECMWF data has a very high acquisition cost, so very few companies offer this data. Our regional models provide short-range, high-resolution forecasts for selected regions worldwide. High-resolution regional models include HRRR, NAM, Arome, UKMO, PWG and PWE. Check your location on the High-Resolution weather model map here.

Please see the Weather Models Introduction video and What are High-Resolution Weather Models to better understand the impact of resolution on accuracy.

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