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How to set up Garmin InReach Tracking
How to set up Garmin InReach Tracking

GPS Tracking

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We now support the Garmin InReach for GPS tracking.

To setup GPS tracking with the Garmin InReach we will need two things.

  1. Your Boat’s Name

  2. Your Garmin MapShare feeds URL

Please follow this process to get your personal MapShare feeds URL:

2. Once logged in, go to the Social Tab

3. Check that MapShare is turned ON; If Mapshare is turned off, click the “MapShare OFF” button:

4. With MapShare ON, look and click on the 'feeds' link

5. Send to us by InApp message or by email the URL under 'Raw KML Data' It will look like this,

Additional Information

Please see an example of the tracking at

You can insert your customised tracking link into your website or blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family.

The GPS tracking with the Garmin InReach is only available if you have an active PredictWind Standard or Professional Forecast subscription.

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