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GPS Tracking

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PredictWind customers with a Standard or Professional subscription can set up a customized GPS tracking web page for your boat. Your friends and family can access this web page and do not need a PredictWind account. The web page can be viewed in a web browser or embedded in your blog or website.

Please see an example of the tracking below:

We recommend a PredictWind DataHub for automatic hourly updates to your GPS tracking web page and publishing the TWS/TWD from your boat's instruments. The DataHub can connect to any satellite or cellular communication device to send your position reports. Position reports are stored on the DataHub if communications are interrupted. This is important for safety and convenience, as friends can check your track and see your boat's speed and heading.

GPS Tracking is also available with the following devices:

Your tracking information can also be shared with NoForeignLand. Please contact for more information.

If you would like a tracking page, please click on the device above or let us know the following:

  1. Your PredictWind login email - you must have purchased the PredictWind Standard or Professional package.

  2. Your boat name.

  3. Your DataHub Serial Number, available in the Tracking menu or If you have activated an Iridium GO! SIM card, please let us know your Iridium Phone Number.

Please click here for more information to get a GPS tracking page set up today.

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