How to set up YB3i Tracking
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YB3i Installation

Please read the YB3i manual to ensure your YB3i is installed correctly.

Activate your YB3i device on the PredictWind Satellite Portal

Log in to the Satellite Portal using your email and password then choose to activate a new YB3i device. During the activation process, you will need to enter the YB3i serial number found on the underside of the unit. Once you have completed the activation process, please contact us with the following details:

  1. PredictWind username (email address)

  2. YB3i serial number

  3. The name of your boat

Once we have these details we can finalise the setup of your personalised GPS tracking page and supply you with a customised tracking website link.

Additional Information

Please see an example of the tracking at

You can insert your customised tracking link into your website or blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family.

The GPS tracking is only available if you have purchased and activated your YB3i unit on the PredictWind Satellite Portal. You must also have an active PredictWind Standard or Professional Forecast subscription.

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