How to set up Zoleo Tracking
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We now support the Zoleo for GPS tracking. GPS tracking with Zoleo is only available if you have an active PredictWind Standard or Professional Forecast subscription.

To set up GPS tracking with the Zoleo, please email with the following:

  1. Your Boat’s Name.

  2. Confirm you have filled in the PredictWind - Zoleo integration form here (see details below).

  3. The Zoleo IMEI number, printed on the back of the device.

  4. Confirm that you have turned on automated tracking on for the Zoleo. It is an additional $6/month and must be added to your Zoleo subscription. See here for Zoleo Instructions.

Zoleo integration form

The Zoleo Integration form tells Zoleo you agree to PredictWind accessing your Zoleo data.

  1. Click here to open the form.

  2. Add your IMEI number, then click Save & Next.

  3. Select Location Share+ and agree to T&Cs, then Confirm & Send Email.

  4. An email will be sent from Zoleo to the email address linked to your Zoleo account. you need to authorize the integration. (NOTE: please check your email spam/ promo/ junk folders if the email does not show in your inbox, as it may be stuck in these)

Additional Information

  • Automated tracking on Zoleo is an additional $6/month and needs to be added to your Zoleo subscription.

  • Please see an example of the tracking page our PredictWind support team will generate for you. Your link will be customised to your boat's name.

  • You can insert your customised tracking link into your website or blog, or you can email the website link to friends and family.

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