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How to set up the DataHub GPS Tracking
How to set up the DataHub GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an essential safety feature so family and friends can follow your track and blog posts.

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PredictWind provides a tracking and blogging service that allows friends and family to follow your travels. The tracking and blogging service requires a Standard or Professional Forecast subscription, a DataHub or a satellite device compatible with the service, and a one-time setup and registration. Below are screenshots of a tracking page at showing the current location, current weather conditions, the latest tracks and a list of blog posts. The tracks were acquired and posted to the site using the PredictWind DataHub described in this document.

Setup Instructions

Please go to Step 2: How to setup GPS tracking for the setup instruction of GPS tracking on the DataHub. If you have not already, the first step is to upgrade your firmware, please see Step 1: Firmware Update

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