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Step 2: How to setup GPS tracking
Step 2: How to setup GPS tracking
GPS tracking is a great safety feature for all boats
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How to setup GPS tracking

  • The DataHub is shipped with a short black GPS antenna. Please screw this GPS antenna on the gold male connector labelled GPS on the DataHub.

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser and type in the URL bar

  • Log in using admin as the username and admin as the password.

  • To Configure the GPS Feed from the left menu, select NMEA and click on the drop-down box to select Built-in GPS

  • Then select Save & Apply

  • Select the GPS menu from the top menu, to see if you have GPS data available. In this case there is no GPS data available with the Void error message. The GPS antenna needs have a good view of the sky, and at least 45 minutes to received the first position fix.

How to setup the GPS Tracking Web Page for your boat

PredictWind provides a tracking and blogging service that allows friends and family to follow your travels. The tracking and blogging service requires a Standard or Professional Forecast subscription, a DataHub or a satellite device compatible with the service, and a one-time setup and registration. Below are screenshots of a tracking page at showing the current location, current weather conditions, the latest tracks and a list of blog posts. The tracks were acquired and posted to the site using the PredictWind DataHub described in this document.

  • On your phone or tablet with an active internet connection, get started by scanning the QR code on the back of your DataHub device. (Not QR on the box)

  • To scan, hold your phone camera over the QR Code and click on the picture when a yellow box appears. This will take you to the PredictWind Satelite Portal tracking setup page for your DataHub.

  • Log in to the PredictWind Satellite Portal. The email address and password are the ones you used to create an account when you purchased the DataHub. The MAC address will be auto-filled and is also on the back of the DataHub device. Confirm the DataHub Mac address matches the MAC address on the bottom of your DataHub.

  • Select Continue, and you will be offered an onboarding service. This is highly recommended; one of our support agents will assist with setting up your DataHub, tracking and any other questions you may have. You can add this service or continue without onboarding.

  • Select New Customer or Existing Customer, then log in.

  • If you are a new customer, you will need to add your email address linked to your PredictWind Forecast account, vessel type and boat name. If you have an existing tracking page, enter your PredictWind forecast login email address to link the DataHub to your existing page.

  • You will receive a confirmation that your GPS Tracking page has been successfully set up and an email with further instructions. Check your junk email folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

  • Until we receive a position report from the Datahub, a default position off the coast of Africa is shown. Please note we recommend taking the DataHub to the boat and completing the boat installation, where the GPS unit has a better chance of reception and getting a GPS position. Please see How to install the datahub on your boat.

  • You can insert this tracking page link into your website or blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family.

  • You must also have an active PredictWind Standard or Professional Forecast subscription to utilise the GPS Tracking. To upgrade your PredictWind Forecast account, Click Here and select the appropriate package.

For any further assistance, contact us along with a photo of your DataHub QR code located on the underside of the device.

You are now ready to move onto Step 3: How to setup PredictMail

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