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DataHub GPS tracking not working
DataHub GPS tracking not working

Troubleshooting DataHub GPS tracking when it is not working or has stopped

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The DataHub GPS patch antenna is connected

Please screw in the GPS patch antenna, which ships with the DataHub. Please contact us if you purchased your DataHub before December 2023 and did not receive a GPS patch antenna. To receive a GPS position, place the patch antenna where it can achieve the best view of the sky.

Even if you plan to use the NMEA2000 / N2K network to provide a GPS source into the DataHub, it's a good idea to connect this antenna because it will provide a backup GPS source in case your boat is struck by lightning and your NMEA network is destroyed, or in case your boat instruments go offline for any reason.

If you cannot achieve a GPS Status Active with either the patch antenna, or the black stubby antenna, as below, and you're sure the DataHub and antenna are well positioned, please contact us for support.

Complete GPS Tracking Setup

If you have not done so already, please follow the step-by-step guide here to set up GPS tracking for your boat:

Update DataHub Firmware

We continuously update the DataHub Firmware to add new features and fixes. Please update the DataHub Firmware and try again.

NMEA network is enabled as the GPS source

As an alternative to the GPS patch antenna, if you have connected your NMEA2000 network to the DataHub N2K port, you can use the GPS from your boat instruments as the source of DataHub GPS. To do this:

  • Connect to DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • Log into the DataHub on

  • Login and password: admin

  • Click the NMEA menu. The NMEA->Settings top menu will load.

  • Select Source NMEA2000 on CANO.

  • Click SAVE & APPLY.

  • Now click on the top menu GPS.

    Please check that the GPS Status is Active and that a full reading of GPS data is being received. The status may update in up to 30 seconds.

Check the DataHub has an Internet connection

  • Click on the Settings menu.

  • Check the WAN Interfaces; at least one box must be coloured green with Status: Online.

  • If you are using the GO! or GO! exec, then the box being red is expected; this is OK. It's best to use a USB tether, Cellular, Starlink or Wi-Fi connection to resolve GPS tracking issues. If you cannot, please ensure the GO!/exec is connected and activated when you click Position in the next step.

Check Tracking is enabled, and positions are not spooling

  • Click the Tracking menu.

  • Check that Enable Tracking is ticked.

  • Check the Network Spool count is 0. If positions are spooled, they are pending to be sent.

  • If you see spooled positions, click the Tools menu.

  • Click POSITION to send your position immediately.

  • Check your tracking page after 1-2 minutes to see if it has updated, and check that the spool count is now 0.

  • If the spool count is still increasing, return to the Tools menu, click RESTART, wait one minute, then click POSITION, and recheck it.

  • If required, please press PURGE to delete pending reports and start again.

Check the Tracking SysLog

Once you have sent a position report manually, after 1-2 minutes, please check the end of the Tracking > Sys Log for new log lines which are added there.

If it shows lines like the above, with GPS Status for..... = ACTIVE and PW: Success, your tracking reports are being sent successfully. If you see GPS status = VOID or failures reported, please copy and paste the whole log into an email, or send us a photo, with your DataHub Serial number from the Tracking Page and Contact Us for more help,

DataHub SD Card file system error

If you see errors like this in your SysLog, or similar issues where files cannot be read, please reformat the SD card on the DataHub as the file system may be corrupt.

Important Note: Please send anything in your PredictMail Outbox and use your email app to download any email from the DataHub Inbox before following the steps below.

How to Reformat your DataHub SD Card

  • Update your Firmware if it is not 3.92 or later.

  • Click on Settings under the Services menu.

  • Click on the Maintenance top menu.

  • Click the FORMAT button and click OK.

  • Please wait around 5 minutes for the DataHub to reformat your SD card. Your browser might show it doing this continuously, not letting you know when it is complete. It will be finished after five minutes.

  • Reconnect to DataHub Wi-Fi and refresh the web browser.

  • Log into the DataHub on again.

  • Send a fresh Position report from the Tracking->Tools page.

  • Check the Syslog to see that the GPS position has been uploaded successfully.

  • Wait a few minutes then check your tracking page.

    Important Note: If an SD Card reformat resolves the GPS tracking issue immediately and the file system error reoccurs later, the SD card may need to be replaced. Please see this article: Datahub Memory card / SD card - how to remove, upgrade and reformat it.

Send the DataHub Serial number to Support

If position reports are being sent from your DataHub successfully, and you are not seeing these reflected in the tracking page from your boat within a few minutes, please copy and paste the DataHub serial number and send it to us so we can check the set-up in your account. Please click here to contact Support.

Also, if you have a cellular or Wi-Fi/Starlink Internet connection, enable remote support with Startup on Boot and Persistent Connection so we can log in remotely and review your DataHub.

GPS Tracking Support video

If the above fails, or if you wish to, this video is available, which further explains GPS tracking and troubleshooting steps:

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