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Datahub Memory card / SD card - how to remove, upgrade and reformat it
Datahub Memory card / SD card - how to remove, upgrade and reformat it

How to remove or upgrade the memory card / MicroSD card in the DataHub and how to reformat it

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You can upgrade the Micro SD memory card in the DataHub and replace it with any sized memory card.

MicroSD Card size - What size do I need?

The DataHub ships with a 4GB Micro SD card. This is sufficient for storing service data, such as PredictMail, temporarily storing GPS tracking positions, general system logging, and occasional short-term N2K logging for diagnostic purposes. You should not need to replace the Micro SD card in your DataHub by default.

If you wish to upgrade the Micro SD card, consider what is optimal for your situation. What size card do you need, and how often will you be writing new data onto the card?

If you are planning to run continuous N2K logging, consider the smallest SD card you need to record the amount of data you require. Smaller cards generally provide a longer useful life when used in high-write situations than high-capacity cards. Alternatively, consider buying an endurance SD card some manufacturers sell, designed to support high read/write activity.

How to remove/upgrade the DataHub Micro SD card

First, remove the rubber pads off the bottom of the enclosure and remove the screw to access the SD card holder inside for upgrading.

After fitting a new Micro SD card, reboot or power cycle the DataHub, which will prompt it to automatically initialise the new memory card, wiping anything already on it.

Here is where the SD card is mounted on the Motherboard inside the DataHub case.

Please be careful when removing it from the cage.

Video - DataHub SD Card

Luis Soltero, the DataHub Developer, has published this video on YouTube about the different memory card options and a demonstration of how to change it:

Can I format the DataHub SD card without removing it?

Yes, you can. From DataHub Firmware version 3.91 or later, a menu option in the DataHub will allow you to reformat the SD card while it is still in the device. To do this:

  • When connected to DataHub Wi-Fi, with your web browser login

  • From the main menu Settings, click the top menu Maintenance.

  • Click the FORMAT button.

  • Please allow a few minutes for the DataHub to do this. The timeframe will depend on the size of your SD card.

    Important Note: This will delete all information on the SD card, including any PredictMail or existing logs. Make sure you download all of these first!

    Please wait around 5 minutes for the DataHub to reformat your SD card. Your browser might show it doing this continuously, not letting you know when it is complete. It will be finished after five minutes. Please refresh the page.

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