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DataHub Frequently Asked Questions
DataHub Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the DataHub

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Does the DataHub require a subscription fee for any aspect of its functionality, and what are the costs?

There is a one-off cost of US$299 to buy a DataHub. If you require an NMEA 2000 M12 Cable Pack, this costs US$49.

To use the GPS tracking requires a PredictWind Forecast subscription at the Standard or Professional level; package pricing is available here.

To use the AI Polar feature of the DataHub requires a PredictWind Forecast subscription at the Professional level; package pricing is available here.

PredictMail requires a 3-month (US$59.95) or 12-month subscription (US$119.95), which can be purchased in the Satellite Portal.

What are the dimensions of the DataHub?

The DataHub measures 120mm x 90mm x 35mm.

How much power does the DataHub use?

The DataHub has been designed for ultra-low power consumption. It uses 0.35 Amps @ 12Volts DC without a device connected to the USB connector. This is 4.2 Watts of power consumption.

Can I move the DataHub from Boat to Boat?

Yes, you can move the device from boat to boat. If you have a Standard or Professional level Forecast subscription, it can automatically update your tracking page for you to share with friends and family.

Is the DataHub primarily for sailboats?

The DataHub is an excellent option if you would like your vessel to have a GPS tracking page to share with family and friends, as even offline, it continues to track, store, and then report your tracking locations via any available Internet connection once available. This includes a Cellular modem via USB-tethering to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi hotspot, high-speed Internet Wi-Fi such as marina Wi-Fi, or a Satellite device such as an Iridium GO!, GO exec or Starlink.

The DataHub is an ideal complimentary device for your boat if you have Apps or devices that require information from your NMEA2000 / N2K network, such as GPS position or AIS data, as it can broadcast N2K data over DataHub Wi-Fi and via its Ethernet LAN port.

Will the DataHub work in my country?

The DataHub will work anywhere and connect to the Internet via USB tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot to your mobile phone, other high-speed Wi-Fi such as Marina Wi-Fi or your satellite communications device, e.g. Iridum GO!, GO exec and Starlink.

Does the DataHub transmit AIS so you can receive this information on other connected Wi-Fi devices?

Yes, the Datahub can share AIS data with other connected devices if the data is already being received onto your connected N2K network via DataHub Wi-Fi and through the DataHub Ethernet LAN port.

Does the Datahub help to create an AI polar for my boat?

Yes. The DataHub can collect, store and transmit the data required to create and continually improve a custom AI polar for your boat.

To take advantage of this feature, you will need the following:

  • The DataHub needs to be connected to your NMEA 2000 instrumentation system, which outputs True Wind Speed, True Wind Angle, Course over Ground and Speed over Ground.

Please read this help article for more information about creating and using an AI polar for your boat.

Does the DataHub archive any NMEA 2000 data? Can I log or archive data such as engine hours, barometric pressure, etc..

Yes, the full N2K data stream available on your N2K network can be stored on the 4GB SD card, which is included with the DataHub. N2K logs can be downloaded or played back over your N2K network.

What are the options for DataHub storage? Can I add external storage?

The DataHub ships with a 4GB SD card, which can be replaced or upgraded. Please take a look at this YouTube video for more information about replacing or upgrading an SD card on the DataHub.

Do you still need an Iridium GO!, GO exec or Garmin InReach if you have the DataHub?

The DataHub is a great companion device for your Iridium GO! or GO exec if you want to track offshore. The DataHub will also report your tracking through a Starlink satellite connection. If you are sailing coastally, you can use USB tethering from your cellular phone or a Wi-Fi hotspot to continue to share tracking updates with family and friends via your GPS tracking page.

The DataHub cannot connect to a Garmin InReach, 9575 or 9555. If you do not have a GO! or GO! exec the Garmin InReach is an alternative emergency backup communication device.

How easy is it to connect the DataHub to my Iridium GO!, GO exec or Starlink for accessing the Internet?

It is easy to connect your DataHub to the GO! and GO exec for sharing satellite Internet with all the devices on your boat. Please have a look at these setup articles for supported satellite communications devices:

Please have a look at the detailed, visual step-by-step setup guides available in the PredictWind Help Centre DataHub Collection for more information about how to set up the DataHub to use features such as GPS tracking, AIS, Polars and PredictMail.

I have the Iridium GO! through PredictWind. Doesn’t that already do GPS tracking?

When you travel offshore, you need a satellite device like the Iridium GO! to download weather routing, GRIB files and update your GPS tracking; once you are near shore in cellular coverage, you can cancel your airtime plan to save money.

The Datahub will seamlessly take over and update your tracking page using cellular data that you have around the coast as it connects to your cellphone hotspot, USB tether, or local Wi-Fi. Even if you drop in and out of cellular coverage, the DataHub will collect position reports every 15 min, store the data, and send it to PredictWind to update your tracking page as soon as you regain cell coverage again.

Is the DataHub intended to work with Iridium or replace it?

The DataHub is a complimentary device designed to connect all the communication devices on your boat and share Internet, be it cellular modem or mobile phone, satellite device such as GO!, GO! exec or Starlink, and your DataHub can connect to other high-speed Wi-Fi such as marina Wi-Fi.

The DataHub can also connect your NMEA2000 or N2K network and share this data with all devices connected to DataHub Wi-Fi or via the DataHub Ethernet LAN port.

The DataHub was initially developed so people could use it for automated tracking via Cellular data when sailing coastal after a crossing with their GO! or GO exec connection inactive. DataHub customers can save money on their GO! or GO exec monthly subscription while in coastal waters with cellular coverage to keep their tracking updated, then reactivate the satellite connection before heading offshore again.

We currently use an Iridium GO!/GO exec. Can we can disconnect that?

The DataHub is not a Satellite Communication device. The DataHub is a complimentary device for other cellular, Wi-Fi or satellite communications devices.

If you rely on the Iridium GO! or GO! exec for downloading GRIB files and weather routes whilst out of cell phone or Internet reach, you will need to keep using this offshore.

The DataHub can connect to your existing mobile or high-speed satellite communication device, e.g. GO!, GO exec or Starlink, to transmit GPS tracking and wind data to family and friends at home. It can also broadcast GPS Data and the Internet to all devices aboard.

Can the data be shared by mobile phone through the 4G/5G Orange network or any other international mobile network?

Yes, if your Orange or other international mobile network operator allows hotspot sharing from your mobile phone via USB tethering or Wi-Fi, then you can connect your DataHub to your phone as the source and share this Internet connection with all your devices connected to DataHub Wi-Fi.

Does the DataHub message or email people on land?

The DataHub includes PredictMail. To use PredictMail requires a 3-month (US$59.95) or 12-month subscription (US$119.95), which can be purchased in the Satellite Portal.

The DataHub provides Wi-Fi connectivity to all the devices on your boat and can connect to a GO exec. If you connect your GO! exec to the Internet and enable the WhatsApp Text or Full Web/App profiles on the GO! exec, you can use your mobile phone connected to it via DataHub Wi-Fi WhatsApp message or send photos to family or friends.

Coming soon in Q4 2023, PredictWind plans to launch PredictChat, which will allow SMS and WhatsApp communication via the DataHub and GO! exec. Unlimited messaging to family and friends via PredictChat (when available) is included in the GO exec Unlimited Plan.

Does it provide a weather forecast?

The DataHub will allow a laptop, mobile device or tablet connected to DataHub Wi-Fi to use any available Internet connection to download weather forecasts, run weather routes or download GRIBs in the PredictWind Offshore App with a PredictWind Standard or Professional level subscription.

With a DataHub, you can simultaneously connect your phone via USB tethering for a cellular data hotspot, your Starlink and GO!/GO exec and be online all the time anywhere in the world to update your GPS tracking page and download weather through the PredictWind and Offshore Apps.

The DataHub automatically falls over between high-speed Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite communication devices to ensure you remain connected to the lowest cost source of Internet whether you're coastal cruising or heading offshore.

Does the DataHub work with Raymarine SeaTalk and SeaTalkNG networks?

Yes. Please purchase a SeaTalk to N2K adapter from your Raymarine representative and you will be able to connect your Raymarine network to the DataHub.

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