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Connecting your Iridium GO to the Datahub
Connecting your Iridium GO to the Datahub

How to connect your Iridium GO! to the DataHub - for GO! Unlimited Plan only

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Important Information before you start

  • This article is only for customers subscribed to the GO! Unlimited Plan.

  • The GO! Basic and GO! Plus airtime plans are not designed for the DataHub and should not be used with it. Using either the Basic or Plus plans with the DataHub will generate significant overages, and you will experience bill shock.

  • GPS Tracking with the DataHub and GO! uses voice/data minutes to update, not SMS messages. The GO! will update GPS tracking via SMS as a standalone device.

  • GO! as a backup for Starlink & DataHub on the Basic or Plus plans:

    Do not connect your GO! to the DataHub. Instead, configure GO! GPS Tracking to send via SMS. To use the GO for downloading weather GRIBs or routes, please connect your mobile, tablet or laptop directly to Iridium GO! Wi-Fi.

  • Print this help page, or open this help page in a new window or on another device, as you will lose your internet connection when you connect to the DataHub.

  • Turn on the GO by raising the inbuilt antenna or ensure the GO is connected to the external antenna and the unit has full signal strength.

Use Wi-Fi to connect your GO to the DataHub

  • We recommend you connect your laptop or desktop computer to the DataHub Wi-Fi network to complete this step. You could also use a large-screen tablet device.

  • We do not recommend logging into the DataHub using a mobile device for this step; it is not a mobile website.

  • The DataHub Wi-Fi network will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in your device's list of available Wi-Fi networks. Please select "Connect Automatically" if this option is available. On a Mac, you may need to click "Other Networks" to see the Wi-Fi network.

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser, and type in the URL bar.

  • Log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  • The main landing page may look like the image below.

  • On the top menu, click Wi-Fi.

  • Click the Enable button on the default landing page, Connect to Internet (2.4 GHz). This will trigger the page to reload.

  • Click the drop-down list beside Network (SSID) and select your GO Wi-Fi. It will look similar to 'IRIDIUM-xxxxxx.'

Important Note: Check your Iridium Wi-Fi network is not on the same Channel as another Wi-Fi network on your vessel, e.g. Starlink, Raymarine or Axiom devices.

This will create collisions on the network, making the connection unreliable.

In the example below, the GO and two other Wi-Fi networks share Channel 5. If you see this, please change the Iridium GO Wi-Fi channel first, then connect your DataHub via Wi-Fi.

  • You don't need to enter a Wi-Fi password as, by default, none is set on the GO.

  • Click the green CONNECT button.

    Please note you do not need to click SAVE & APPLY.

Important Note: Please wait up to one minute while the DataHub connects to your GO Wi-Fi. When first connected, the page will update to Disconnected and then Connected again before completing. Please check the Wi-Fi Status displays Connected to <Iridium-xxxxxx> as in the image above before you move on.

Congratulations! The GO is now connected to the DataHub via Wi-Fi.

In the future, please connect all your devices, e.g. laptops, phones or tablets, to the DataHub Wi-Fi to take advantage of your PredictWind services and use the Internet. Please forget the Iridium GO Wi-Fi network on your other devices so they do not accidentally switch to it.

Enable the GO Quick-Start settings on the DataHub

For Iridium GO! Unlimited Plans Only

With your DataHub connected to your GO, you can enable the Quick-Start settings to take advantage of the GO connection and activate your GPS Tracking, Boat Polars, AIS data, and PredictMail with Poll on Tracking. To enable these:

  • From the left menu, click Satellite.

  • Under Satellite, click Iridium GO!

  • Click on the check box Enable.

  • Click on checkboxes for Tracking via Iridium, Polars via Iridium, AIS via Iridium, PredictMail via Iridium, Poll on Tracking, then Save & Apply.

  • NOTE: If you have changed the default USER password of the Iridium GO! from guest, please make sure you enter the new password in the password field.

Please wait up to one minute while the DataHub saves these settings; it may reload the page during this process.

If you have successfully enabled the QuickStart settings and your DataHub is connected to the GO, you will see additional menu items at the top of the page. Below is what the Status page looks like for a GO!, which is connected to the DataHub, in satellite coverage, ready to connect to the Iridium network.

Congratulations! Your DataHub is now configured to work with the Iridium GO!

Move on to the Next Step

If you have not already done so and wish to, please connect your remaining Satellite devices using the articles below:

If you have connected these already, then congratulations! You have completed the DataHub Setup Guide.

You can take a look at Additional Help Resources for more configuration steps you may want to take with your DataHub, such as changing the Wi-Fi name or downloading the manual.

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