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PredictMail inbox or outbox won't load in DataHub
PredictMail inbox or outbox won't load in DataHub
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There are two possible reasons if you see a bad gateway or LuCI error when opening the DataHub PredictMail Inbox or Outbox.

PredictMail - too many emails to load the Inbox or Outbox

If you have downloaded a large number of emails e.g. 20+ sitting in the DataHub Inbox, it's possible that it won't load before the page times out.

Please download emails from the DataHub and delete them from the server to resolve this. This may require reconfiguration of your email client.

For example, with Apple Mail as below, please open Mail -> Settings -> Accounts, tick Remove a copy from the server after retrieving a message to Immediately, or click Remove Now.

On an iPhone or iPad, please:

  • Click on Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> PredictMail -> Advanced.

  • Deleted Messages -> Remove -> After one day.

  • Incoming Settings -> Delete From Server -> When Removed from Inbox.

Next, go into your inbox and delete everything you don't need anymore or have already downloaded to another device, then empty your deleted items. If that doesn't work immediately, it should be removed after a day, and you can reload the DataHub inbox.

PredictMail - unable to load Inbox or Outbox, not many emails

Your SD card may have a corrupt file system. Likewise, if you see that the DataHub has downloaded mail successfully but is unable to deliver it to your Inbox, such as below:

Wed Oct 18 Mailxfer[6006]: do_xfer: 3072 Wed Oct 18 Mailxfer[6006]: Failed to download inbox Wed Oct 18 Mailxfer[6006]: Disconnected

The solution is to reformat your SD card and set up PredictMail again. To do this, your DataHub must have Firmware version 3.92 or later.

Important Note: Please use your email app to download any email from the DataHub first before following the steps below.

To do this, please:

  • Log into the DataHub on with username and password: admin

  • Click on PredictMail.

  • Remove the tick from Enable Email, then click Save and Apply.

  • Click on Settings under the Services menu.

  • Click on the Maintenance top menu.

  • Click the FORMAT button and click OK.

  • Please wait around 5 minutes for the DataHub to reformat your SD card. Your browser might show it doing this continuously, not letting you know when it is complete. It will be finished after five minutes. Please refresh the page.

  • Log back into the DataHub and re-enable PredictMail with your email address, password and full name per initial setup. Click FORCE SETTINGS if you are offshore, so it will save the settings without validating they are correct.

  • Click Save and Apply.

  • Your Inbox and Outbox should now load as expected, and downloading a new email will work if the DataHub is connected to the Internet.

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